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Here is what certain sources have to say about polka dot junction's one and only "chronicle"

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March 12,2018  2:40pm
Wow, it's already March 12.  We have been on a bit of a winter hiatus if there is any such thing as that.  The news is that scarecrow seems to have taken to his job as barista with much success! No one seems to care that he can't remember the names of all the coffee drinks!

Also in the works is a plan to open an extension on the back of cafe pdj.  It will be called "the coffee caboose" and will be in one of the several empty cabooses scattered throughout the junction. scarecrow may manage that until the fall.  In the meantime please check out our interesting selection of coffee mugs!

February 26, 2018  3:38pm

 pdj cafe hires it's very first barista and guess who it is?

Apparently one of the scarecrow triplets dazzled with his natural talent to "simply hang". We'll be interested to see 
how he fairs in terms of the coffee thing.


February 23, 2018  1:12pm
Announcing our newest coffee drink and mug at pdj cafe!
The drink is called a double shot, skim, mocha, latte witches brew
and it is served in our brand new Girly Witches Brew Mug! (still no news on the new barista)

February 21, 2018  8:03pm

pdj cafe seeking new barista


  1.  Able to memorize the names of the 457 different coffee drinks and their various subtleties.   

 2. Be familiar with the art of "just hangin" and able to enforce that rule amongst patrons..    

  3.  It wouldn't hurt if one is also able to tap dance! 

February 17, 2018   5:25pm

Wow, they said it would start snowing in polka dot junction and surrounding areas at 5pm and it actually did! This is not hearsay, it's actual fact.
Do we celebrate the accuracy of weather reporting in this day and age or this product from polka dot junction???

February 14, 2018  12:46pm

It's Valentines Day and someone just dropped this off at my front door full of tasty treats! As mayor of polka dot junction, I must be doing something right!
It's too bad that I don't bake because this is such a cool cake pan! Thank you!


February 13, 2018   6:35pm

Apparently the Beatle Anniversary Celebration was a big hit and attended by nearly all.  The mayor and wee one joined in on the festivities by playing some old favorites.  Here is a sketch that someone did of them that night.

February 9, 2018   2:16pm

It’s February 9 and at polka dot junction we celebrate this memorable day in history.  There is not a resident old or young who doesn’t know the importance of February 9, 1964.  If you don’t know, perhaps this picture of our very own Beagles Four will spark your memory. Together again for a reunion concert, perhaps a little rusty now (they never made it on to The Ed Sullivan show) but the feeling is there.

February 3, 2018 12:53pm

Those who enjoy the vocal creations of the three tenor beagles might be interested to hear that they will be performing at the coffee and wine tasting to be held at the pdj cafe. A date hasn't been set, but it's something to look forward to in the midst of this brutally cold winter weather that we are experiencing.

February 2, 2018  12 noon

The "politics" of polka dot junction

It is pretty obvious that dots and stripes have enjoyed a long run at pdj. It is also rumored that a few independent and less visible design groups have been revealed as the checkerboards, the abstracts and the flowers. Apparently the flowers have been struggling for more visibility and are now identifying themselves as "flower children". For some reason that sounds familiar. In the introduction of several new items this week, it appears that "flower power" is alive and well at the junction. Note the simple irony of how the flowers and the checkerboards work harmoniously together to create some slammin' new designs!
Shop by Theme/

February 1, 2018   2:55pm

Where have all the flowers gone?
I am not talking about the song, but the actual query. We at the junction don't want to hear this anymore.  Just look at our two newest products!


January 30,2018   8:02pm

Can't decide how to fold your kitchen towel?  Here is your solution:


Image may contain: stripes

January 25, 2018   2:39 PM

For those who wondered, the shoe has been retrieved and now is featured with it's mate on this charming tote bag!




January 22, 2018 5:07 PM

Now this is not funny. If anyone recognizes this shoe please speak up, say something!

 apparently this was posted on Twitter earlier this evening

Ah yes, that's Charlie the Peagle (beagle and pekingese). We knew there could be trouble when someone in our beagle community chose to reach outside of his so-called "pure breeding" and strict cultural mores. You can celebrate with this pillow, also available on several other items.


January 17, 2018 10:58 AM

Beagles Beagles Everywhere

It's a mix of snow and rain so the beagles of polka dot junction are out and about!  It appears that not a single one is exactly "singin' "  in this rain!  For items featuring a rainy day beagle,  go to  ORDER BY THEME/WHIMSICAL FRIENDS/DOGS

January 15, 2018   6:18 pm

This just in

Twitter first got wind of the fact that our beloved beagle professor fills his coffee swirl travel mug with something that is not coffee!  If you would like to do the same, it's quite simple.


January 5, 2018   11:58am

Now that the brutally cold single digit temperatures that welcomed in 2018 have passed, the mayor has lifted the ban on travelling beyond a 3 block radius of home for all residents. This presented no problem for the majority. Although hesitant to name names, there is a list circulating underground of possible violators. It appears that most are members of the witch community, who due to their highly achieving and competitive natures, refused to cancel "Take-off and Landing Practice". The smooth transition from running with to mounting of the broom is not only challenging but crucial to one's reputation in the community and the same goes for the dismount. The addition of Wi-Fi and GPS to the newest line of broomsticks has garnered mixed reviews, but to date, none of them have heat.