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what is polka dot junction? where exactly is polka dot junction? virtually you can find us at the crossing of an urban environment, the beach and your best frame of mind. this is where we feature a variety of gifts and home items with what we like to think of as our own signature charm.

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a bit more about "the junction"

polka dot junction (also referred to as pd junction, pdj or just “the junction”) began in a 4th floor walk-up apartment in NYC about 13 years ago. Since then it has gone through many downs, ups, downs again and changes. returning now better than ever. For those who are new, we want to explain why you might see the name of polka dot junction and it's shortened versions, "pdj" or "the junction" in lower case text sometimes. We want you to know that we most certainly do promote and advocate for correct grammar when deemed necessary, but in order to give a sense of the playful mood we embrace, felt that the lower case text was more appropriate. As this does not benefit us in the realm of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) we have chosen to stand UP (excuse the pun) and be seen! Enough said! You can visit us on social media and in the zazzle marketplace at zazzle.com/pdjunction or www.zazzle.com/polkadotjunction.

There is something there for everyone and the express train stops frequently, so . . .

Current Niche Gift Items
Beagles Gift Ideas

This niche is for those who own or love beagles or know someone who does. "Beagle people" are a unique "breed" (you'll pardon the wordplay)! At polka dot junction we feature a variety of beagle related items that can be perfect gifts for those so inclined. We feature items such as throw pillows, mugs, cards, tee shirts and more.

Beagle Wall Clock | Santa Beagle Holiday Mug

Funny Cat Characters

Often you will find that people are either "dog people" or they are "cat people". At polka dot junction we appreciate the human-like and humorous tendencies inherent in cats. Our cats are funny and the Mayor if polka dot junction just happens to be a cat! Please stop by to view some of our mugs, plates, cards and even clocks celebrating funny cats!

Festive Jester Cat Mug | T rio of Dancing Jester Cats Cosmetic Bag | Jazz Cat Star Wall Clock | Dancing Jester Cat Twins Wall Clock

Scarecrows & Crows

Despite the fact that they are designed to be scary (at least to crows), scarecrows can be quite disarming in many ways. In fact, the scarecrows at polka dot junction are so charming that the crows actually love them dearly. Whenever you see an item featuring a scarecrow (towel, mug, pillow), you will also see perched atop his shabby old hat, a comfortable and perfectly happy crow. We have decided to include the increasing crow population at pdj in our special niche category. Why crows? Well, why not? They are highly intelligent creatures, in fact, they can hold grudges for a lifetime and they also remember kindness. At polka dot junction we are embracing a new influx of crows in hopes that they will enhance our culture, particularly in the fields of fashion and cuisine. We have mugs, tee shirts and yes, we do have crow cocktail napkins!

Meet Me at the Crow Bar | Singing Crow Coffee Mug


Remember your first bicycle? That feeling of utter freedom as you sail down the street is intoxicating. Here at polka dot junction, we hope to capture that feeling and hold on to those memories. With our totes and messenger bags, tee shirts, pillows, throws, and mugs, we aim to please!

Jumbo Size Vintage Bicycle Tote Bag  | Bicycling Distressed Vintage Bike Messenger-Bag    

Pilates and Fitness

Nowadays fitness is a way of life for many, much more so than ever before. Pilates and yoga are huge. Neither of these activities is new but have taken off in popularity in the past years. We hope to delight followers of these practices with our Pilates and fitness related tee shirts, cards, ornaments, pillows, towels, and mugs.

Rollover to a New You Pilates Mug | Pilates Fitness Happy Healthy Balanced Holiday Fitness Card | Pilates Vintage Holiday Gift Stocking

Polka Dot Junction Home and Gift Items

At Polka Pot Junction we feature home and gift items along with a fun and quirky narrative. All this presented by the beguiling cast of characters who reside here. In order to meet them, view their BIOS and THE MAP click here. Want to know more? Hearsay from the Junction is the official blog of the "junction" and Polka Dot Junction's one and only chronicle.

hearsay from the juntion blog header

Here is what certain unnamed sources have to say about polka dot junction's one and only chronicle:

  • - Incessant Rumination

  • - Pure Unadulterated Gibberish

  • - Good Old Fashioned Gossip

This Just In!

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    July 4 at polka dot junction

    The celebration on the boardwalk this year was nothing short of spectacular! The Scarecrow Triplets, recently back from POLKA DOT JUNCTION'S GOT TALENT! recreated the number that stunned the judges and moved them right in to first place!  Even Leonard proved to be shockingly proficient with the...

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  • Disgruntled Witches

    Posted On 06/20/2019 By

    Disgruntled Witches

    There have been complaints from the witch community this past week. Apparently in preparation for their first ever and highly anticipated parade, the popsicles from the beach have infiltrated witch territory for their rehearsals. It is a widely accepted fact that the witches are not only...

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  • Under The Boardwalk

    Posted On 06/09/2019 By

    Under The Boardwalk

    . . . at Popsicle Beach. Yes, The Boardwalk at Popsicle Beach is now officially open! The delay was due to dissent among the musical groups scheduled to perform over the summer. Irreconcilable differences between two of polka dot junction's most popular bands, "The Abstracts" and the inimitable...

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  • polka dot junction's got talent

    Posted On 04/15/2019 By

    polka dot junction's got talent

    Admittedly Leonard had some difficulty with the new turn and jumps . . .but it all came together in the end! The judges were quite complimentary and the trio was invited back for the second round!

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