About Us

Learn more about the designer L.A. Baker and polka dot junction. This page also features an FAQ.

L.A. Baker, the designer, creator, curator and actually now the mayor of polka dot junction comes from a dance and theater background. She has worn many hats including that of a dance teacher, choreographer, clown, shuttle van driver, babysitter, proofreader, radio announcer, waitress, model and designer of home goods. That’s just to name a few of those that she will admit to(lol)! She is also a voice over artist, medical educator and Pilates instructor when not maintaining the peace at polka dot junction.

Some of these activities (most certainly not all) will be recognized in her designs.  If you simply add bike riding to the dance and Pilates, throw in the beach, a little coffee, a little more wine and throw out most of the rest, you will get a feel for polka dot junction and what you will discover there.


1. What are your thoughts about starting this new e-commerce site?
It’s more work than I ever could have imagined. I have learned a lot of new things and I do mean a lot! It’s a learning curve so there is still a lot more for me to learn. All of that aside, I am excited and hopeful. It combines several of my favorite activities and talents.

2. What are some things you are hoping to accomplish with a new site that you couldn't do with Zazzle?
Zazzle is an online market with hundreds, possibly thousands of shops. The upside is that they have over 500 products for its many designers. Zazzle also has a strict protocol to which designers must adhere. I can do whatever I like on my own site which is my own creation in its entirety. For obvious reasons, I prefer to promote my own site over Zazzle’s store.

3. In the future do you plan on adding new types of products and designs unique from what you have carried before? If so what kind of things?
I find that my style evolves as my tastes change and I become more skilled with the various art and design programs that I use. I guess that means that my answer to that question yes. In terms of product types, that will probably depend on customer response and sales.

4. What do you think makes your items unique from other gifts that people can find out on the internet?
I can only answer that question by saying that each of us is unique and my designs represent me, concluding that perhaps my designs also are. I have been told that there is a whimsical quality to my work and that seems to bring pleasure to many, certainly to those who share my sensibility and humor. I have also been told that my work has a distinctive style that is representative of my personality. These are designs and products not to be found anywhere else.

6. What are some ways you hope to integrate your character stories within the products you sell at the junction?
Even as my work becomes more abstract, there is a connective story line to polka dot junction. The name itself indicates a “place” “state of mind” that exists somewhere. Shawn Larson (creator of this article) was the first to point out the narrative aspect, the storytelling that he saw in my work. He asked if I would like help in developing or writing that and my answer was “oh no, that story has been in my head for ten years”. He was the first to actually “get it”.

7. Tell people about your new blog “ hearsay from the junction” and what they can expect to read.
Again I will credit Shawn with the idea that I should incorporate a narrative to complement and promote my artwork. I knew very little about blogging. I now understand that a blog can serve as a platform that I can use however I chose. I liked the idea of a chronicle or newspaper for “the junction”. Initially titled “tales of the junction”, I changed the title to “hearsay” in order to open up possibilities for me to just plain make things up that may or may not be true!  I guess you could call it more of a “gossip column”. “hearsay” better suits the style of my narrative. These postings are not complete stories, just little snatches of “hearsay”. I guess I also like playing on the whole “fake news” thing that is going on in our present culture.