Hearsay From the Junction

mayor of polka dot junction

Here is what certain unnamed sources have to say about polka dot junction's one and only chronicle:

    • incessant rumination

    • pure unadulterated gibberish

    • good old fashioned gossip 

  • FYI: Actual Fact, Not Hearsay

    Posted On 10/02/2018 By L.A. Baker

    FYI: Actual Fact, Not Hearsay

    You all know that news is posted when it comes in, as in any "legitimate" chronicle. There have been requests for a release of "hearsay from the junction" in chronological sequence for those who want to follow the stories as they occurred. We are working on it, we have a guy. For now, you will...

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  • A Dog Walker???

    Posted On 09/19/2018 By L.A. Baker

    A Dog Walker???

    Word around the junction is that now Wee One is thinking of becoming a dog walker!!! Yes really. Not really that this is true, really that this is word around town. Let's just say that the canine population is not happy about this. I mean come on, A CAT WALKING A DOG, probably hearsay but one...

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  • Wee One Quits Job as a Scarecrow

    Posted On 09/11/2018 By L.A. Baker

    Wee One Quits Job as a Scarecrow

    One week to the day, Wee One has decided she no longer wants to be a Scarecrow. She thought it was boring, none of the other scarecrows paid much attention to her. She also swore that she could hear some of the crows making fun of her and then it started to rain!  She gave absolutely no...

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  • The Girls Have Arrived!

    Posted On 09/11/2018 By L.A. Baker

    The Girls Have Arrived!

    Presenting the sisters of Le Crow.  Baby LaLa Crow arrives from her Summer Dance Program and The Lovely Maisy Crow straight from her pedicure!  Clearly they are both beauties.  Rigby and Leonard would be truly lucky if a match or 2 is made! We will probably not hear more about the gals until...

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  • The Story of Le Crow Parts 1 and 2

    Posted On 09/10/2018 By L.A. Baker

    The Story of Le Crow Parts 1 and 2

    Back in August we posted Part 1 of The Story of Le Crow. We have decided to post both parts here so no need to backtrack.
    The Story of Le Crow
     Since everyone knows that the annual wine tasting at The Wigglestompers Vineyard is a major event, Le Crow decided that it was time to go and put us to...

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  • The Little Whirlwind

    Posted On 09/06/2018 By L.A. Baker

    The Little Whirlwind

    The other night there was a little white whirlwind in the north end of the junction. A blurred flurry of white and a flash of brilliant orange raced forward and back, up and down and back around. Puzzling yes, but guess what, actually WHO it was???  Little Roo has been sneaking out at night to...

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  • Defining the Self

    Posted On 09/04/2018 By L.A. Baker

    Defining the Self

     Wee One has decided not to go back to Music School this fall. We all know that she has always been a natural talent.  Mama Mayor is fine with this decision.  She knows firsthand that one may not find a profession on planet earth, even in polka dot junction until well into the "adult" years,...

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  • Borderline or Beyond Ridiculous?

    Posted On 09/04/2018 By L.A. Baker

    Borderline or Beyond Ridiculous?

    From this picture you can see that our darling little Wee One is out there hangin' in the 95 degree heat. Clearly the straw is fake and her tail gets in the way. She doesn't like not having use of her paws and apparently cannot scare any crows. Far more important than that is the fact that she...

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  • Speaking of Cats

    Posted On 09/03/2018 By L.A. Baker

    Speaking of Cats

    Speaking of cats . . . as sad as we are to see the summer end, preparation for the fall season and Halloween is well underway. Our extremely fit cat of the moon (look at those abdominals) has begun appearing on some new and updated designs. Please check them out!

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  • Introducing Skip the Cat

    Posted On 08/29/2018 By L.A. Baker

    Introducing Skip the Cat

    Enough about crows for now, we have another new resident at polka dot junction. Skip the Cat has recently been adopted by the two Bernese Mountain Dogs who live at the foothills of Mt. Jinglejack. Skip does seem to be adjusting fairly well but much like his adoptive parents, is a bit of a...

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