Beagle Gifts

Are you looking for beagle gift ideas? You have come to the right Place! Polka Dot Junction carries beagle gift items like beagle coffee mugs, pillows with beagle pictures, and handbag beagle dog gifts.

Beagle Gifts

For those who own, love or know anyone who owns or loves beagles, this would be your go-to place for unique and beagle centric items. We are not referring to items for the actual beagle dog species, but for the humans enraptured by this particular and beguiling breed of dogs; those seeking the charming and delightful reminders of their beloved breed. In other words, it is for those seeking beagle gifts and collectibles. At Polka Dot Junction, we strive to go above and beyond your wildest imaginings or wishes and believe that we indeed have been successful in creating and offering the most original, charming and affectionately humorous home and gift items.

For those who are not familiar with Polka Dot Junction (polka dot junction). I can imagine you thinking “what on earth is polka dot junction?” To all of my fellow baby boomers, no I do not mean “Petticoat Junction”! This is certainly a reasonable question and I am going to answer as best I can. First and foremost we are an online “novel shopping experience”. As an online shop featuring original designs in home and gift items, we are a bit different from other shops that you find on the internet.  Polka Dot Junction is hosted by a cast of whimsical and beguiling characters who reside at the “junction”. These residents may possibly be more colorful and unique than the products that they both inspire and appear on. We will let you be the judge of that! Oh, and in response to your “what on earth” question, Polka Dot Junction does not exist on this earth. It exists somewhere out there in hopefully everyone’s best frame of mind or more specifically in the mind of its creator!

Funny Beagle Gifts with a Quirky Narrative

Our self-proclaimed “quirky” narrative can be found in “Hearsay from the Junction”, our one and only chronicle. For example, a post from Thanksgiving pointed out that crows not only hold grudges but also remember kindness. We have an increasing crow population at “the junction” and all were encouraged to include a crow or two at their Thanksgiving feast. It also informed all involved that crows do not eat turkey. They prefer cupcakes and stuffing as in polyester blend!

 It’s difficult to find the perfect gift for anyone and with all of the competition on the internet today, anyone could be lost in a vast sea of advertising and most certainly overwhelmed by useless and indirect references to your specific needs. In this case, we are targeting your personal and specific need for just the right and unique beagle gifts.      

Are you looking for beagle gift ideas? You have come to the right Place! Currently, we have beagle gift items like beagle coffee mugs, pillows with beagle pictures, and handbag beagle dog gifts. In the future, we will have beagle wine glasses beagle socks, beagle shirts, and other beagle dog lover gifts. You will also soon be able to buy beagle prints. Some other futures beagle gifts include a beagle dog coffee brand.

Gifts for Beagle Lovers

The beagle related items that we offer make perfect gifts for birthdays, Christmas, graduations, congratulations, retirement, thinking of you, thank you and pretty much anything beyond and outside of that. We offer gifts for beagle owners of all ages.

We all know that the beagle dog has been and still remains a pop culture icon. Probably Snoopy from the Peanuts cartoons by Charles Schultz is the most famous beagle. Whether beagle owner or not, who doesn’t love Snoopy?

Remember mother day comes around every year. What better way to celebrate that "beagle mom" than with unique beagle mom gifts. Stay tuned for a beagle dog mom gift. Polka Dot Junction loves our mom's, so check back often for new beagle gifts for mom!

Remember our gifts are unique. They are illustrations on not just beagle clipart you can get on the internet. Because our beagle gifts are associated with a character in our Polka Dot Junction storyline, you can count on the beagle illustrations to be something you can't find anywhere on the internet. All of our beagle designs are computer graphic illustrations by the New York designer LA Baker. For this reason, go bold with a unique dog design that your friends can't get at a cheap gift shop or in the gift department at a big box store.

Beagle Gift Recommendations

As a recommendation, we at Polka Dot Junction would like to recommend a few of our most popular beagle items. We like to say that beagles operate on their own time and for that reason, our adorable “Beagle Time Round Wall Clock” is a big seller. It features a rather grumpy beagle in a rain slicker and holding an umbrella. Also quite popular are our beagle mugs. We have our “Beagle in the Rain Coffee Mug” featuring our well-loved yet perennially grumpy beagle and for those opera fans, have both a mug and greeting card featuring “The Three Tenor Beagles”! Clearly, we appreciate the humor and whimsy inherent in the beagle and understand how delightful that could be to our customers!