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Here is what certain unnamed sources have to say about polka dot junction's one and only chronicle:

    • incessant rumination

        • pure unadulterated gibberish

        • good old fashioned gossip 

  • Recap of Beatle Gala 2018 (con't)

    Posted On 02/05/2019 By L.B. Adams

    Recap of Beatle Gala 2018 (con't)

    I know that you are all wondering how LIttle Roo got through the night and made it home the night of The Beatles Gala 2018. At this moment in February 2019, she remains a Junior Witch in training but let’s face it, despite her love and respect for Aunt Agatha, “Witchdom” just may not be...

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  • 55 Years Ago on February 9

    Posted On 02/02/2019 By L.B. Adams

    On Saturday February 9, it will be the 55th Anniversary of The Beatles appearing on "The Ed Sullivan Show".  For many of you, that may not be a notable day in history. Here at polka dot junction we have large population of Baby Boomers who remember that date as an outstanding event of their...

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  • It's one of those days

    Posted On 01/24/2019 By L.B. Adams

    It's one of those days

    . . . dark, raining, depressing. Even at polka dot junction we have some days like that. On top of that, I cannot think of anything the least bit interesting to say. The beagles are out in full regalia and it looks as if Charlie the Peagle is racing around with absolutely no rain gear excepting...

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  • So it's 2019

    Posted On 01/04/2019 By L.B. Adams

    So it's 2019

    We've made it through the holidays, so now what?
    We've asked some of the residents of the junction for their input. The Mayor expressed sincere hopes of captivating a wider range of followers, reducing stress and as always, a wish for Wee One to find her way. On the other hand (actually foot),...

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  • We're Broadening Our Horizons!

    Posted On 12/12/2018 By L.B. Adams

    We're Broadening Our Horizons!

    And hopefully yours!!  Along with inviting you to visit us at polka dot junction (polkadotjunction.com), we are now on Facebook! 
    There you can view the top selling products and shop directly!  For a start, we have handpicked some of our most popular items and would be thrilled to have you...

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  • A Reminder About Thanksgiving

    Posted On 11/19/2018 By L.B. Adams

    A Reminder About Thanksgiving

    Actual fact and not hearsay that was circulating the junction last summer was about crows. It is now widely accepted that not only do crows hold grudges for a lifetime, they also remember kindness. The warning was to think twice before dissing one. Here at polka dot junction, we are suggesting...

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  • Crow Culture Center, Anonymous Donor!

    Posted On 11/12/2018 By L.B. Adams

    Crow Culture Center, Anonymous Donor!

    A substantial amount of money has been anonymously donated to polka dot junction.  It stipulates that the funds go towards the construction of a Cultural Center to accommodate the recent influx of crows. Many, including the mayor feel that the crow population has much to contribute to the...

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  • "complete coordination of body, mind and spirit"

    Posted On 11/05/2018 By L.B. Adams

     "complete coordination of body, mind and spirit"

    Who said that and what is the answer? As a clue, let's just say that after the recent appearance of Pilates Girl in town, many have been looking for Pilates Christmas gifts or cards. Even Christmas Gifts for Pilates Instructor (yours), take a look at this inspiring Pilates holiday card or this...

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  • Beautiful Yellow Bicycle

    Posted On 11/02/2018 By L.B. Adams

    Beautiful Yellow Bicycle

    Thank you for your inquiries about Wee One’s bike, but it is not, has never been and most likely will never be for sale. If that is what you heard, then you can simply dismiss it as genuine, honest to god hearsay. Yes the bicycle is quite beautiful, it’s yellow, the style is retro and it has...

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  • The First Bicycle

    Posted On 11/02/2018 By L.B. Adams

    The First Bicycle

    Apparently the first bicycle or pre-cursor to the 2-wheeled bicycle as we know it was invented first by a French nobleman in 1791 and again in 1817 by a German Baron. It was made of wood and foot powered,  had wheels but no pedals. Hmm, glad I was born a bit later in time.  The term "bicycle"...

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