Hearsay from The Junction

mayor of polka dot junction

Here is what certain unnamed sources have to say about polka dot junction's one and only chronicle:

    • incessant rumination

        • pure unadulterated gibberish

        • good old fashioned gossip 

  • Baby Wee One

    Posted On 11/01/2018 By L.B. Adams

    Most of us remember what a dear little thing Wee One was as a youngster. She wanted to be just like Mama Mayor. Perhaps it was pre-mature of La Mayor to send little Wee to Pilates at such a young age. She loved her dance and music classes very much. Pilates, not so much. For this reason she is...

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  • Pilates??? Well Maybe

    Posted On 10/31/2018 By L.B. Adams

    Pilates??? Well Maybe

    We have neither seen nor heard much from Pilates Girl in quite a while. Polka Dot Pilates is one of the oldest institutions at the junction. It's up in the north end near the vineyards and several of the scarecrows, not to mention a crow or two are clients. With it's longstanding reputation,...

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  • What's Up With Wee one?

    Posted On 10/30/2018 By L.B. Adams

    What's Up With Wee one?

    It has been a while and we know that many of you have wondered about Wee One and her struggles to find her way. Interest may have wained and now rekindled due to her appearance on one of our new items. YES, that is our little darling on the new Jazz Cat Star Wall Clock!  Also YES, she is a...

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  • Cats Cats and Cats

    Posted On 10/29/2018 By L.B. Adams

    Cats Cats and Cats

    Amazing Facts about Cats:
    1. A cat has been mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, for 15 years. His name is Stubbs.
    2. A cat ran for mayor of Mexico City in 2013.
    This information appears on BuzzFeed so it is apparently fact and not hearsay! 

    3. Our very own Mayor here in polka dot junction is a beloved...

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  • 7 Interesting Facts About Beagles

    Posted On 10/28/2018 By L.B. Adams

    7 Interesting Facts About Beagles

    1. The modern day beagle originates from England but the first ancestors of the breed can be traced to ancient Greece.
    2. The beagle is more popular in the states and Canada than in its country of origin.
    3. The beloved Snoopy dog in the cartoon Peanuts is the most famous beagle.
    4. Beagles used...

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  • Bear or Bare with me?

    Posted On 10/16/2018 By L.B. Adams

    Bear or Bare with me?

    In our last posting we asked you to please "bear" with us as we put together a chronological chronicle. I just happened to look at that and thought, hmm  .  .  .  is that right?  It looks funny but surely it's not "bare"  I looked it up and this is what I found:

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  • FYI: Actual Fact, Not Hearsay

    Posted On 10/02/2018 By L.B. Adams

    FYI: Actual Fact, Not Hearsay

    You all know that news is posted when it comes in, as in any "legitimate" chronicle. There have been requests for a release of "hearsay from the junction" in chronological sequence for those who want to follow the stories as they occurred. We are working on it, we have a guy. For now, you will...

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  • A Dog Walker???

    Posted On 09/19/2018 By L.B. Adams

    A Dog Walker???

    Word around the junction is that now Wee One is thinking of becoming a dog walker!!! Yes really.Not really that this is true, really that this is word around town.  Let's just say that the canine population is not happy about this.  I mean come on, A CAT WALKING A DOG, probably hearsay but...

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  • The Girls Have Arrived!

    Posted On 09/11/2018 By L.B. Adams

    The Girls Have Arrived!

    Presenting the sisters of Le Crow.  Baby LaLa Crow arrives from her Summer Dance Program and The Lovely Maisy Crow straight from her pedicure!  Clearly they are both beauties.  Rigby and Leonard would be truly lucky if a match or 2 is made! We will probably not hear more about the gals until...

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  • Wee One Quits Job as a Scarecrow

    Posted On 09/11/2018 By L.B. Adams

    Wee One Quits Job as a Scarecrow

    One week to the day, Wee One has decided she no longer wants to be a Scarecrow. She thought it was boring, none of the other scarecrows paid much attention to her. She also swore that she could hear some of the crows making fun of her and then it started to rain!  She gave absolutely no...

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