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Here is what certain unnamed sources have to say about polka dot junction's one and only chronicle:

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  • Beagles Beagles Everywhere!

    Posted On 03/14/2018 By L.B. Adams

    Beagles Beagles Everywhere!

    It's a mix of snow and rain so the beagles of polka dot junction are out and about!  It appears that not a single one is exactly "singin' "  in this rain!  Come holiday time, you may find yourself
    looking for unique beagle gifts or
    beagle themed gifts for beagle lovers. Our "Santa Beagle...

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  • Winter Hiatus

    Posted On 03/12/2018 By L.B. Adams

    Winter Hiatus

    Wow, it's already March 12.  We have been on a bit of a winter hiatus if there is any such thing as that.  The news is that scarecrow seems to have taken to his job as the barista with much success! No one seems to care that he can't remember the names of all the coffee drinks!

    Also in the...

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  • pdj cafe seeking barista

    Posted On 02/23/2018 By L.B. Adams

    pdj cafe seeking barista

    pdj cafe seeking new barista

    1.  Able to memorize the names of the 457 different coffee drinks and their various subtleties.

      2. Be familiar with the art of "just hangin" and able to enforce that rule amongst patrons.

    3.  It wouldn't hurt if one is also able to tap dance! 

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  • New Coffee Drink!

    Posted On 02/23/2018 By L.B. Adams

    New Coffee Drink!

    Announcing our newest coffee drink and mug at pdj cafe! The drink is called a double shot, skim, mocha, latte witches brew and it is served in our brand new Girly Witches Brew Mug! (still no news on the new barista)

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  • Winter Snowstorm

    Posted On 02/17/2018 By L.B. Adams

    Winter Snowstorm

    Wow, they said it would start snowing in polka dot junction and surrounding areas at 5pm and it actually did! This is not hearsay, it's actual fact.
    Do we celebrate the accuracy of weather reporting in this day and age or this product from polka dot junction???

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  • Valentine’s Day at polka dot junction

    Posted On 02/14/2018 By L.B. Adams

    Valentine’s Day at polka dot junction

    It's Valentines Day and someone just dropped this off at my front door full of tasty treats! As mayor of polka dot junction, I must be doing something right!
    It's too bad that I don't bake because this is such a cool cake pan! Thank you!

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  • The Mayor and Wee One Perform

    Posted On 02/13/2018 By L.B. Adams

    The Mayor and Wee One Perform

    Apparently, the Beatle Anniversary Celebration was a big hit and attended by nearly all.  The mayor and wee one joined in on the festivities by playing some old favorites.  Here is a sketch that someone did of them that night.

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  • Remembering The Beatles

    Posted On 02/09/2018 By L.B. Adams

    Remembering The Beatles

    It’s February 9 and at polka dot junction we celebrate this memorable day in history.  There is not a resident old or young who doesn’t know the importance of February 9, 1964.  If you don’t know, perhaps this picture of our very own Beagles Four will spark your memory. Together again...

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  • Coffee and Wine Tasting at pdj cafe

    Posted On 02/03/2018 By L.B. Adams

    Those who enjoy the vocal creations of the three tenor beagles might be interested to hear that they will be performing at the coffee and wine tasting to be held at the pdj cafe. A date hasn't been set, but it's something to look forward to in the midst of this brutally cold winter weather that...

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  • The "Politics" of polka dot junction

    Posted On 02/02/2018 By L.B. Adams

    The "politics" of polka dot junction. It is pretty obvious that the dots and the stripes have enjoyed a long run at pdj. It is also rumored that a few independent and less visible design groups have been revealed as the checkerboards, the abstracts and the flowers. Apparently, the flowers...

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