Hearsay from The Junction

Disgruntled Witches

Posted On 06/20/2019 By L.B. Adams
There have been complaints from the witch community this past week. Apparently in preparation for their first ever and highly anticipated parade, the popsicles from the beach have infiltrated witch territory for their rehearsals. It is a widely accepted fact that the witches are not only perfectionists, but highly competitive. They practice take-off and dismount everyday, hot or cold, rain or shine. The track on which they practice is on the border of Wakwitch Village and Popsicle Beach.They claim this track as their own and no one has ever had the courage to contest that. Members of the Witch community have assumed the Parade Of The Popsicles would be rehearsed on The Boardwalk at Popsicle Beach "where they belong". It has also been noted by a few of the more vocal and opinionated witches (and even one cat) that on brief glimpse, the Parade thus far appears to be rather a bore. Oh dear . . . could that indeed be fact or is it simply "Hearsay", especially on the part of the cat?
We have already created a kitchen towel and a delicious looking accent pillow in honor of the parade so hopefully things will turn around and no one will judge our new items as boring!Side%201%20of%20pillow%20with%20green%20background 
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