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  • July 4 at polka dot junction

    Posted On 07/05/2019 By L.B. Adams

    July 4 at polka dot junction

    The celebration on the boardwalk this year was nothing short of spectacular! The Scarecrow Triplets, recently back from POLKA DOT JUNCTION'S GOT TALENT! recreated the number that stunned the judges and moved them right in to first place!  Even Leonard proved to be shockingly proficient with the...

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  • Disgruntled Witches

    Posted On 06/20/2019 By L.B. Adams

    Disgruntled Witches

    There have been complaints from the witch community this past week. Apparently in preparation for their first ever and highly anticipated parade, the popsicles from the beach have infiltrated witch territory for their rehearsals. It is a widely accepted fact that the witches are not only...

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  • Under The Boardwalk

    Posted On 06/09/2019 By L.B. Adams

    Under The Boardwalk

    . . . at Popsicle Beach. Yes, The Boardwalk at Popsicle Beach is now officially open! The delay was due to dissent among the musical groups scheduled to perform over the summer. Irreconcilable differences between two of polka dot junction's most popular bands, "The Abstracts" and the inimitable...

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  • polka dot junction's got talent

    Posted On 04/15/2019 By L.B. Adams

    polka dot junction's got talent

    Admittedly Leonard had some difficulty with the new turn and jumps . . . but it all came together in the end! The judges were quite complimentary and the trio was invited back for the second round!

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  • The Lovely One

    Posted On 03/30/2019 By L.B. Adams

    The Lovely One

    It's widely known that The Lovely Maisy Crow is quite The Diva and in case you are wondering, that is her god given name. Actually her parents gave her the name, but everyone (most certainly she herself) has always viewed her as a gift from the heavens above. That, however is not the single...

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  • Today it's All About Me!

    Posted On 03/21/2019 By L.B. Adams

    Today it's All About Me!

    Both of the Crow sisters have requested that this new bag be customized to suit the petite stature of a female crow! That should be interesting to see should their request be met! They love the sentiment it expresses and to be perfectly honest, it suits both of them very well seeing as they are...

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  • St. Patty's Day at cafe pdj!

    Posted On 03/17/2019 By L.B. Adams

    St. Patty's Day at cafe pdj!

    The parade through the center of polka dot junction today was followed by a spirited performance. The Scarecrow Triplets came down from their perches to do some clogging as well as their highly anticipated tapping. What is so amazing about them is that they learned to tap without the benefit of...

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  • No Longer a Girl

    Posted On 03/13/2019 By L.B. Adams

    No Longer a Girl

    Everyone knows that Pilates Girl is not exactly a girl anymore. We all humor her when she deigns to step out of her neighborhood and pay a visit to the residents who are so much in need of her approval. Who is to say why??? She herself claims to be a far better actress than anyone would guess....

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  • Winter Blues

    Posted On 02/17/2019 By L.B. Adams

    Winter Blues

    It's that time of year, yes even at polka dot junction we get the winter blues. Many of us hibernate in the privacy and comfort of our homes. Some of us over indulge in the intake of food and beverage. Some of us make impulse purchases online and then we have the baby boomers who play Beach...

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  • 55 Years Ago Today!

    Posted On 02/09/2019 By L.B. Adams

    55 Years Ago Today!

    Today is The Beatles Gala 2019! All are wondering if it will match 2018. The plates and napkins that were designed last year but didn't arrive in time are here so we will not have to use the Holiday Reindeer Chorus Line plates and napkins, which incidentally is the only reason they are planning...

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