Hearsay from The Junction

No Longer a Girl

Posted On 03/13/2019 By L.B. Adams
Everyone knows that Pilates Girl is not exactly a girl anymore. We all humor her when she deigns to step out of her neighborhood and pay a visit to the residents who are so much in need of her approval. Who is to say why??? She herself claims to be a far better actress than anyone would guess. Recently her unwavering sense of her physical infallibility has been shaken up. She requested that her extreme desire for privacy be respected in this matter. The Mayor backs her on this, knowing how the residents here can engage in the "hearsay" that has defined us and our widely read "Hearsay from the Junction". In her honor we are promoting 2 products with her image.Right%20handle%20view%20of%20mug%20with%20figure
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