Hearsay from The Junction

St. Patty's Day at cafe pdj!

Posted On 03/17/2019 By L.B. Adams
The parade through the center of polka dot junction today was followed by a spirited performance. The Scarecrow Triplets came down from their perches to do some clogging as well as their highly anticipated tapping. What is so amazing about them is that they learned to tap without the benefit of a floor below. The first time their tap shoes hit the floor was an occasion to be noted! All 3 exuded about as pure a joy as can ever be experienced by a scarecrow.  Admittedly, Leonard is not as proficient as Rigby and Wigby Jr. are. The Lovely Mimsy Crow brought the house down with her rendition of "Oh Danny Boy".  The sky lit up with green and gold lights as the witches put on a wonderful synchronized Broomstick Show!  Little Roo was allowed to participate even though still grounded (as in do not leave the ground). Aunt Agatha, however, was not pleased by Little One's green witch boots. Apparently Roo had gotten hold of some bright green shoe dye. The Beagles of The Bay, including The Professor, were in full attendance, along with The Mayor and Wee One. All in all, a super swell time was had by all!
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