Funny Cat Gifts

Polka Dot Junctions offers a unique selection of whimsical cat gifts. You can also enter into the storyline of the junction, and enjoy the feline personalities of PDJ featuring the mayor who is a cat.

Big cat and little cat with guitarsHey all of you cat lovers out there, are you looking for some funny gifts for cat lovers? Cats can be funny creatures and at Polka Dot Junction (polka dot junction) we truly appreciate that. In fact, we encourage and celebrate our beloved and rather eccentric felines. For that reason, we are able to offer you an array of funny cat person gifts. These home and gift items are not for your cat, but for you and fellow fans of these unpredictable, sometimes mysterious yet friendly beings.

 Cats actually possess many human traits and for that reason, many of our cat designs feature them clothed and standing upright. That is not to mention the rock guitar player, jazz dancer and party crasher included in our cat population at “pdj”. The Mayor of Polka Dot Junction is a jester cat and appears on many of our delightful and colorful design items. Oh, and FYI: I actually read on “Buzzfeed” that for the last fifteen years, the Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska has been a cat. How’s that for a human trait?

funny illustration of jazz dancing catFor those of you, your family, friends, and co-workers who derive pleasure from all of this, we hope that you pay a visit to You can peruse the funny cat-themed gifts that we offer and hopefully be amused and entertained! Hopefully, you will enjoy our running commentary, as in offbeat quirky narrative called “Hearsay from the Junction”. “Hearsay” is what distinguishes us from other online shops. It reports the goings on at “the junction” which includes the antics of our residents. Many of the posts are centered on featuring a product, but some are possibly just “hearsay”, hence the name. We do not necessarily strive for actual fact, we, in turn, cherish the good old fashioned practice of gossip. Much of this can be up to you in turns of validity, but again, we hope that you will find something that taps into a part of you.

Funny Cat Gifts, but not your ordinary run of the mill!

And speaking of you, we know that you are special and seek out the same in your purchases. cats of polka dot junctionThere are many sites out there featuring funny cat themed gifts. We like to think that ours are a bit more distinctive. These designs and the items featuring them are the only of its particular kind and not to be found anywhere else. They are original, one of a kind, unique and special, as are you and your loved ones.

We are excited to offer more than just cat rings, which we actually do not have! We are, however certain that you can find the perfect gift ideas right here on "pdj". Whether you are looking for that unique gift for your cat loving friend or something for you a cat owner, we can help you find that purr fect gift! Looking to fill your cat shaped heart? How about a whimsical cat print or a fun cat mug?  How about a pillow with our unique cat faces? We know you love cats, so we want to provide the perfect cat lovers gift. We don't sell cat beds but we do have cute cat plates! It's not hard to find the perfect cat gift at Polka Dot Junction. Shopping to find that right gift in our store is so easy, even your cat can search with his paw.

Whimsical Cat Gifts Found Only through the Junction

If you are looking for funny cat gifts or whimsical cat gifts you have come to the right place. Just because these gifts have whimsical characters on the various items doesn't mean that they are a gag gift. These products have characters that you can fall in love with, so instead of cheap and simple, these gifts and characters are more enduring, quirky and interesting!

You should also know that our products will not be simple art prints, reused clip art or photos of cats, all of these prints are unique illustrations you will not find anywhere else. In fact, if you find them on Amazon or eBay or some other online store, it's most likely that none of them are an original print  by LA Baker.

Looking for that Perfect Cat Gift?

For that added personal touch to your home, we offer mugs, dishes, even a charming cat-themed cosmetic bag, kitchen towels, wall clocks and poufs (ottomen). These all make for perfect housewarming or hostess gifts. Our darling little cosmetic bag stars a theatrical trio of frolicking felines! We would love to hear from you regarding requests or suggestions because the possibilities are endless! If you would like to see one of our cat illustrations/designs on a pillow, messenger bag, tee shirt, greeting card, wrapping paper, doormat, bath mat, you name it!

We extend an open invitation to visit us at any time and if you are so inclined, please click on the BIOS of our most outstanding residents and zoom in on “The Cats of polka dot junction”.  Check out the Map of Polka Dot Junction while you are here visiting to get an idea of where everyone resides.

As a recommendation, we might suggest the “Festive Jester Cat Mug” or “Skip the Curious Cat Kitchen Towel”. Please do drop by, we promise to take you on an entertaining and fun ride!