Hearsay from The Junction

Winter Blues

Posted On 02/17/2019 By L.B. Adams
It's that time of year, yes even at polka dot junction we get the winter blues. Many of us hibernate in the privacy and comfort of our homes. Some of us over indulge in the intake of food and beverage. Some of us make impulse purchases online and then we have the baby boomers who play Beach Boys and Motown songs and pretend that it is the summer of 1965. The list goes on. What do you do? If you have a particular way of combating the blues during this bleak season, please fill us in, we'd love to know. As a recommendation we are suggesting that you might try embracing the blues with our "Floral Blues Kitchen (or Hand) Towel and our "Floral Blues Coffee Mug". There's an undercurrent of hope for warmer sunnier days in the tumble of fanciful flowers adorning both of these items. Same design also available on notecards!
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