Hearsay from The Junction

July 4 at polka dot junction

Posted On 07/05/2019 By L.B. Adams
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The celebration on the boardwalk this year was nothing short of spectacular! The Scarecrow Triplets, recently back from POLKA DOT JUNCTION'S GOT TALENT! recreated the number that stunned the judges and moved them right in to first place!  Even Leonard proved to be shockingly proficient with the new turns and challenging jumps!  The sky lit up in red, white and blue as the witches performed their synchronized Broomstick Show!  No longer grounded, Little Roo shone in her featured solo!  She even forewent her green boots and donned full witch attire. Aunt Agatha beamed with pride. And oh yes, The Lovely Mimsy Crow, determined to be the first crow to perform on The Boardwalk was still ruffling her feathers at being rejected last year. As you know, she never even got to audition with her cover of Piece of My Heart." The mayor felt obliged to allow her a soulful rendition of "Me and Bobby McGee". She's no Janis Joplin but it actually was not that bad. As always, she had her signature martini by her side. This she claims helps her hit the high notes. (Just between us, she should probably stick with the opera!) Many felt that she was only allowed to perform for political reasons, fearing confrontation with the crow community. The Beagles of The Bay were there including the Professor and Wee One performed an "interpretive jazz dance!" which no one dared to comment on due to her being The Mayor's little "Mini Me".  If she could only lose that furry little belly!  Last but not least . . . The First Annual Parade of the Popsicles!  unfortunately our disgruntled witches were right in describing it as "boring, sickly sweet and drippy".
See what you think . . . until next year!
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