Are you looking for a Pilates related gift? You have come to the right Place! Polka Dot Junction carries best gifts for Pilates lovers. Coffee mugs, tee shirts, greeting cards, even Pilates holiday gifts!

Pilates Gifts!

It is nearly 100 years since Joseph Pilates and his wife Clara opened their first studio/gym in NYC. It was embraced and practiced by many dancers and actors, yet was not widely known until fairly recently. There has been an explosion of Pilates in the past twenty plus years and it has now infiltrated the culture here in the USA and overseas as well. Its popularity continues to grow as there are over 12 million people who practice it today. Pilates is a mind-body technique. In other words, it is not simply mindlessly repeated repetitions of the same movement. It involves concentration and focus. It stresses core body strength and breathing. Along with those who want to stay fit, it can be therapeutic for a vast array of physical ailments and is often recommended by physical therapists and doctors for those suffering. The work is performed on equipment, the two main pieces being The Reformer and The Cadillac. This equipment involves resistance springs and leather straps. Pilates can also be taught without the equipment in what is known as a Pilates Mat Class<br

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With this bit of history under your belt, you can appreciate Pilates Girl from Polka Dot Junction and the various Pilates themed gifts that we offer. Should you happen to be searching for a Pilates related gift, then you have come to the right place. We feature some of the best gifts for Pilates lovers. This past holiday season we discovered that many were seeking a Christmas gift for Pilates instructor or perhaps just a Pilates Holiday gift. We also noticed that many sought Pilates holiday cards. Along with our Pilates Christmas gifts, we also have gifts for teachers, friends, and colleagues throughout the year. We have mugs and tee shirts, towels, greeting cards, pillows, and ornaments. Most of them feature the signature style and humor inherent in “the junction” ie: the web site. We do feel that as an online shop, Polka Dot Junction (polka dot junction) is unique in the whimsical fantasy it embraces and the ongoing somewhat wacky narrative that accompanies the products. Polka Dot Junction is hosted by an irresistible cast of characters including beagles, witches, crows, scarecrows, funny cats and of course our very own Pilates Girl who FYI, is no longer a girl! Polka Dot Junction is more than items to purchase; it is a novel shopping experience. Our aim is to fulfill your specific needs when it comes to finding a rather specific and original gift targeted to those who follow the mindful and physical method created by Joseph Pilates. In the last century! Our most popular item by far is the “happy, healthy and balanced” holiday card featuring our Pilates Girl arching back over a large ornament serving as a physio ball. Those who practice, Pilates and or Yoga, and even “gym rats” appreciate this card. The humor is universal and after all, who doesn’t want to be happy, healthy and balanced? A close second is our “‘tis the season to stay balanced” holiday card. Both of these designs also appear on ceramic ornaments. Our “rollover to a new you” coffee mug also targets a universal desire with an inspirational message.

The Perfect Pilates Gifts for Students and Teachers

  If you are needing a gift idea that is eco-friendly and will be perfect for your Pilates workout, look no further than our store. If you seek that gift for yoga instructors who specialize in both Pilates and yoga and if you love Pilates, we are the place to discover those hard to find, unique Pilates gifts. Do you own a Pilates studio and want to surprise your students with a Pilates Christmas present? Surprise them with something from our shop!. Our site features a variety of items including Pilates themed tank tops, water bottles, Pilates mugs, and other Pilates fitness items. Pilates cards and gift items are a very specific niche market that is growing. We feel that our items are not only unique but charming and lighthearted. We aim to fill your shopping needs along with bringing you some pleasure and in turn, bringing that pleasure to your recipients. To quote the man himself:  “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” He also said, “Everyone is the architect of their own happiness”.