Scarecrows and Crows

At Polka Dot Junction we feature crow themed gifts such as mugs tees and greeting cards. if you happen to be a fan of crow bird art and or black crow pictures, you are in the right place!

Scarecrowsand Crows

A select group you may be, but here at Polka Dot Junction (polka dot junction) we support your interest in the raggedy straw beings and the fascinatingly intelligent crow. It’s an interesting pairing in that scarecrows purportedly have no brain whereas crows have relatively large ones. Our scarecrows and crows at “the junction” maintain harmonious relations as the scarecrows here seriously lack in the art of instilling fear, much to the contrary! You will find here an array of home and gift items pairing the two together as well as some rather humorous designs celebrating the crow in his own right. For those seeking Crow bird art or crow themed gifts, we can offer you mugs, cocktail napkins, tee shirts and greeting cards. For those besotted by the scarecrow, we have mugs, platters, kitchen towels and cutting boards. It’s best to check in the fall when we feature autumn and harvest designs. In our “Hearsay from the Junction” chronicle that backs up our products, themes and characters, we sometimes feature interesting bits of information about our “residents”. Did you know that crows can hold grudges for a lifetime but apparently they also remember kindness? This appears to be actual fact and not hearsay, we also post a bit of that too! At Polka Dot Junction we aim to entertain you and provide you with what we call “a novel shopping experience”. You will immediately recognize our signature charm and lighthearted approach. We plan to add more items as we go in hopes of satisfying your needs both in retail and in pleasure.Despite the fact that scarecrows are created with the purpose of frightening crows, the scarecrows at Polka Dot Junction are so disarming that the crows actually love them dearly. Our most popular duo is scarecrow Wigby Jr. and Le Crow who sports a red beret. They can be seen adorning our “Scarecrow and Crow Harvest Platter”. For crows only, customers seem to enjoy the “meet me at the crow bar” coffee mug.

Our Niche Items

Our five niche items are beagles, funny cats, bicycles, pilates and fitness and of course scarecrows and crows! When choosing these items, the inclusion of crows was questioned. “Why Crows?” We say “Why not!” We think you will agree due to their innate intelligence and often human like traits. Next you might wonder: Why visit Polka Dot Junction?
  • 1.One of a kind items
  • 2.Good quality
  • 3.Original designs
  • 4.It’s just plain fun!

    Please stop by and pay us a visit. You won’t be sorry! Oh and hurry, the express train to Polka Dot Junction runs only once a day!