Hearsay From the Junction

Mayor of pd junction be on Facebook Live Soon!

Posted On 06/05/2018 By L.A. Baker
The mayor of polka dot junction and a special guest or two will be holding a press conference on facebook live answering all your questions about the website and the story of polka dot junction. Stay tuned for dates and times. Visit the September Facebook Live press release page for more information.

The Mayor of polka dot junction
Born and bred in a pink caboose on the Upper East Side of the junction . . .

Our captivating Mayor is the closest thing to royalty that we can claim. As a descendant of polka dot junction’s oldest family, she is generally referred to as La Grande Mayor or simply La Mayor. As a very young and rather unusual creature, she taught herself to jump, dance and leap on two feet. As novel as this may seem, it has become the norm for many of the four-legged residents of the junction. Some say “half cat, half human” in describing her. She doesn’t seem to conform to any standard species but does manage to maintain a state of moderate chaos Her favorite activities include spending quality time with her little mini-me known as Wee One, grape stomping (two feet only!) and doing lots of just plain nothing. You will notice that her image graces quite a few of the designs and products available for your own personal pleasure at polka dot junction!
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