Hearsay from The Junction

Wee One Quits Job as a Scarecrow

Posted On 09/11/2018 By L.B. Adams

One week to the day, Wee One has decided she no longer wants to be a Scarecrow. She thought it was boring, none of the other scarecrows paid much attention to her. She also swore that she could hear some of the crows making fun of her and then it started to rain!  She gave absolutely no notice of her resignation, she just freed herself and jumped down landing on her feet as cats always do. Inspired by the Broadway show "Cats" she thinks now that she wants to be a dancer. She does show potential but there is lots of hard work ahead for her and she will definitely have to lose that furry little belly that she gained while "hangin"  Here she is strutting her stuff.  This image appears on our "Jazz Cat Star Wall Clock".  Please take a look if you happen to be seeking  funny cat person gifts.

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